CS 136:
Data Structures and Advanced Programming

Spring, 2004

Assignments, including executable versions of the programs are available through this document. Code for use in assignments is available on Cortland/Courses in the CS136/Assignments folder.
  • Assignment 1 - A Java Garden
  • Assignment 2 - Silver Dollar Game
  • Assignment 3 - Word Generator
  • Assignment 4 - Compressed Grid - Runnable version and start-up files.
  • Assignment 5 - Eclipse debugging
  • Assignment 6 - Programming w/ Java GUI Components. As reference, you may read Graphical User Interfaces in Java from Java: An Eventful Approach, by Bruce, Danyluk, and Murtagh. You can download the jar file to get a runable version of the program. (Just double click on it to run it once you have saved it on your computer.)
  • Assignment 7 - Calculator. You can download the jar file to get a runable version of the program. You can download a startup folder for this assignment. For assistance in writing up your design you can also look at the State class.
  • Assignment 8 - HexAPawn. You can download a startup folder for this assignment. Javadoc files for the provided classes are available.
  • Assignment 9 - Darwin. You can download the Darwin starter package or look at the files individually:Creature.java, Darwin.java, Instruction.java, Position.java, Species.java, World.java, WorldMap.java. JavaDoc files for Darwin are available as well.
  • Assignment 10 Exam scheduling. See the program Register.java to see how the data files were generated.
  • Assignment 11 A day out shopping. Startup folder.

  • Programming assignments for CSCI 136 should be turned in to the "dropoff" folder on Cortland/Courses in the CS136 folder. Be sure to put your name and assignment number as the label of the folder. Also be sure to fully comment your programs, including putting your name on all classes. You should turn in the appropriate source (".java") files and the compiled code (".class" files), all in a form that can easily be tested by the TA's.

    Programming assignments for CSCI 136 will generally be due Sunday evenings at 11:59pm, though I will generally give an hour's grace before counting assignments as late.

    All programs will be graded based on design, documentation, style, and correctness. You should follow the guidelines in the CS134 style guide, except as modified in class.

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