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Lectures and Readings

The schedule on the following two pages shows the tentative schedule of topics to be covered at each class meeting during the semester. Consult this page regularly to see the most current version of the schedule of topics and readings. The on-line version of this schedule will be revised as the semester progresses.

I expect you to do the reading for a class before the lecture. I will not attempt to cover in lecture all the material in the readings. Instead my goal will be to cover the highlights or particularly difficult material. For this to work, you will need to already be familiar with the simpler aspects of the material. If you keep up your part of the bargain we should be able to have more interesting discussions in class, rather than just listening to me go over the text.

In the table below, M stands for the textbook by Mitchell.


Date Topic Reading
1. Sept. 4 Intro & Grace M 1
2. Sept. 9 Computability; Compilers, Interpreters, & Virtual Machines M 2, 3, 4.1
3. Sept. 11 Lambda Calculus M 4.2, Lambda Calculus Cheat Sheet
4. Sept. 16 More lambda calculus & functional languages M 4.4
5. Sept. 18 Haskell Revised Chapter 5
6. Sept. 23 Haskell Monads & Functional Languages Evaluation Tackling the Awkward Squad:, pp. 1-16
7. Sept. 25 Lexing & Parsing Parsing notes
8. Sept. 30 More Parsing & Types
9. Oct. 2 Types & Polymorphism Revised Chapter 6
10. Oct. 7 Type Classes Revised Chapter 7


Oct. 9 Operational Semantics M 4.3
12. Oct. 14 Semantics of PCF Type Safety Handout
13. Oct. 16 Program units, run-time storage management M 7.1-7.2, Notes on Runtime stack

Oct. 21-22 Fall Break
14 Oct. 23 More run-time storage, garbage collection M7.3-7.5
15. Oct. 28 Instructor out of town
16. Oct. 30 Instructor out of town, but notes: Scala Scala talk, Associated Scala slides


Nov. 4 Iterators, Exceptions, & continuations M 8
18. Nov. 6 Data Abstraction & Modules M 9
19. Nov. 11 Subtyping and OO languages M 10, Subtypes chapter
20. Nov. 13 Class-based OOLs: Smalltalk, C++ M 11, 12, Why Objects are inevitable
21. Nov. 18 Java M 12, 13


Nov. 20 Eiffel, Typing issues in OO languages


Nov. 25 Scala Traits & Actors Scala Actors, M 14.2
24. Nov 27 Shared memory concurrency: Semaphores & Monitors M 14.1
Nov. 28-29 Thanksgiving
25. Dec. 2 Shared memory concurrency: Java M 14.4, A Sophomoric? Introduction to
Shared-Memory Parallelism and Concurrency


Dec. 4 More Java Concurrency, Ada tasks,CML 14.2-14.3
27. Dec. 9 Concurrent functional languages Tutorial on Parallel and Concurrent
Programming in Haskell
28. Dec. 11 Language Design/Summary

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