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Part 2:

Once you get the basic version working, we would like you to jazz it up a bit. Here are the extensions we would like you to make:

  1. Add labels (Text items) at the bottom of the picture showing the number of correct and incorrect placements. This makes it clearer when the student succeeds in placing the item correctly. They should read something like "correct = nn", "incorrect = mm". The value in the first Text item will be formed by concatenating the string "correct =" with an integer instance variable which keeps track of the number of correct answers. The other is similar.
  2. Users should drag the items to the correct laundry basket rather than just clicking on the basket. Recall from the examples in class that you will need an instance variable to label the last mouse position before the drag so you can determine how far to drag the item. If the user presses the mouse button down outside the laundry item, it should not increase the correct or the incorrect counter.
  3. Assign the item a randomly generated color by randomly choosing integers redNum, greenNum, and blueNum between 0 and 255 for each of the red, blue, and green components of the color. You can create a color from those components by writing new Color(redNum,greenNum,blueNum)).

    Now define criteria for determining where each color should go. The simplest criterion is based on the sum of the three color components. If the sum of the component numbers is less than 230, decide it is dark, if it is greater than 600, decide it is white. Otherwise it is colored. This rule isn't perfect, so after you get the program working you might want to experiment with other criteria.

We will let you figure out most of the details of how to add the features for the more advanced versions. One piece of advice is that for the second enhancement you will be dropping the onMouseClick method in favor of using the three methods:

Grading GuidelinesTopPart 1:Part 2: