CSC 190
Computer Science Senior Seminar
Grading Criteria

There are various components of the course that will contribute to your final grade. This includes parts of your senior project work, as well as your work in the seminar itself. These factors, along with their contribution to your overall grade, are:

Seminar Participation (70% of your overall grade)

Senior Project Work (30% of your overall grade)

More on Senior Project Grading

Since your CS 190 grade includes your work on your senior project in the fall, you should understand how this work will be evaluated.
Below are some more specific criteria that we use in grading your senior project (or thesis) in the fall as well as in the spring.
You'll find more details on this in the guide to the senior exercise (see bottom of page 3, Section 1.2). We do not intend to assign a percentage grade to each of the criteria. However, we wanted to let you know that these are the criteria we will be evaluating when determining your project grade.
A few comments: