CS 135
Introduction to Computer Science: Enriched Section

Fall, 1997

Date Topic Reading
9/5 F Introduction & Course Goals Chapter 1
Lab Familiarize self with Mac on your own pp. xvii-xxxiii & handout
9/8 M Algorithm Design and structured programming
W Mini-Pascal and Mac Graphics Chapters 2 & 3
F Mini-Pascal : Choices & Loops Chapters 3 & 4
Lab LightSpeed Pascal and Mac Graphics
9/15 M More Loops Chapter 5
W Procedures and Parameters Chapter 6
F More procedures and functions Chapter 6
Lab Exploring loops/Mac Graphics
9/22* M Top-down design & debugging Chapter 7
* W Characters & Strings Chapter 8
* F Arrays sections 11.1-11.7
Lab Procedures, functions, and strings
9/29 M Records, enumerated types, multi-dimensional arrays sections 11.8-11.11, Ch. 12, & sections 13.1-13.2
W Case statement, Compound types section 4.7
F Sets, Examples & Catch-up sections 13.3-13.5
Lab Arrays
10/6 M Program design Hand out test program - due 10/22
W Text files Chapter 9
F More files & interface to outside world Chapter 9
Lab Text files - Test Program 1
10/13 M Fall Reading Period
W Divide & Conquer -> recursion sections 16.1-16.2
F Recursion lab sections 16.1-16.2
Lab Hour exam and Recursion lab
10/20 M Recursion, Intro to parallel architectures
W Functional Languages & Miranda handouts
F More Miranda handouts
Lab Miranda intro on Macs/ Miranda assignment
10/27 M Miranda
W Miranda
F Miranda
Lab Sun lab intro, Miranda assignment
11/3* M Miranda handouts
W Fcnal languages & Highly parallel machines handouts
F Implementing Miranda
Lab Miranda assignment
11/11 M Reduction Architectures
W Reduction Architectures handouts
F Reduction Architectures
Lab More Miranda/ files
11/17 M Data-driven architectures Handouts
W Data Flow
F Data Flow
Lab Data Flow Lab
11/24 M Pointers & Linked Lists - Assign test program 2 Chapter 14
W Linked Lists, trees Chapter 14
F Thanksgiving Break
Lab Object-oriented turkey-eating algorithms
12/1 M The future of highly parallel computers
W What's it all about?
Lab Test program

* Note that I will be out of town the entire week starting September 22, and for Monday, November 3. I will attempt to reschedule these classes, possibly by using some of our lab times on Wednesdays. Be aware that there will be some rescheduling during these periods.

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