Lecture 1

CS 051

  1. Teaches object-oriented programming in Java.

  2. Uses locally written library to make it easy to do interesting graphics early in course.

  3. Involves lots of fun programming projects, but teaches practical material necessary to solve problems in many areas.


Writing and Executing Java Programs

Organizational Details

Classtime organization

A Glimpse of Program Organization

On-line notes for this course

Because the lecture time will be filled with developing examples, I will usually put running versions of those programs and the code for them in the lecture notes. I will try to get these on-line within 24 hours of the lecture.

Java intro outline:

  1. General form of class definition

  2. Graphics coordinate systems

  3. Contructors for graphics classes

  4. WindowController (mouse-event-handling) methods
Class Examples:

  1. Design a class to draw "Hello World" at (90,150), and a 50 by 30 filled rectangle at (100,100). When the mouse is pressed the program will also drw two nested ovals and a straight line. Click on MakeBox to show the example.

  2. Design a class that first draws the words "up" and "down" on the screen, with the word "up" in red and "down" in gray. When the mouse is depressed, reverse the colors. Click on UpDown to show the example.