CS 1020 - Homework 7 - Part sorter and web pages

Due: Wednesday, 1/23

  1. Part Sorter

    The second part of the part sorting is to extend your color sensing machine into a Lego part sorter that adheres to the following specifications:

    1. Your device should sort parts according to their color. It should be able to distinguish at least 3 different colors. The parts could be Lego pieces, but you can be creative and sort other items instead, e.g., candy pieces.
    2. Initially, your device should accept 8 parts in random order into some sort of storage mechanism. It should also have a number of bins to sort the parts into (as many as there are different colors/types of parts).
    3. Once started, your machine should process one item at a time, sense its color, and sort it into the appropriate bin. As you prepared for Monday, the Handy board should also play a different note depending on the color of the part, and show on the display the current tally of parts processed. Building the sorting mechanism will be the main challenge. Something to think about... can you come up with a way of sorting with fewer motors than bins?
    4. When all parts are sorted, your machine should stop and report the final tally.
    There are many possibilities for extensions, including handling 4 or 5 colors, or having different shapes in addition to different colors. For example, you could have "short" and "long" pieces in each of 3 colors, for a total of 6 different parts.

    You should be ready to demonstrate your working part sorter by the beginning of Wednesday's lab. The demonstrations will commence right after the quiz. We will grade your machine based on effectiveness, speed, and creativity. Extra points will be awarded for additional features such as handling more than 3 colors or sorting by color and shape.

  2. Web pages
    Create a simple web page for yourself (each person on the team should do it). It should contain at least Feel free to get more creative! If you already have a homepage, please add a link to our course page (of course you can remove it once the course is over).

  3. Read the reading posted for Monday and start collecting ideas for the final project!

  4. Email me your final project group preferences by Tuesday at 10 pm the latest.

  5. Review the course reading and the examples from class to get ready for the quiz on Wednesday.
Hand in your code for the part sorter (one per group), and a printout of your webpage (one per person).