CS 1020 - Homework 1 - Build a better Sciborg

Due: Wednesday, 1/9

  1. Do the course reading!

  2. Build a new and improved Sciborg without worm gear drive. Use regular gears instead, and aim for an overall gear reduction of 20-30:1. It is a good idea to start your gear train with a rubber band belt drive as shown below (which has a gear ratio of approximately 2.5:1):

    The rubber band reduces noise and smooths out abrupt changes in speed when the motor starts or stops. Also, you can temporarily detach the motor by taking off the rubber band, which allows you to test if your gears can move freely.

    Your new improved Sciborg should have two light sensors, as well as front and back bump sensors. Try to mount the light sensors such that their height can be adjusted easily. Extra credit will be awarded for the best solution to this mechanical challenge!

  3. Review your notes and the reading to prepare for the quiz on Wednesday.