Submitting your assignments:

  • Each assignment specifies a due date and submission method (most will be in the dropbox).

  • No late work will be accepted except for serious illness or similar emergencies (notify and work with the Dean of Students and the instructor on these occassions).

  • The code in the files you submit must compile and run without errors. No partial credit will be given for a submission that does not compile.

    Sumitting material

    All material for your submission must be packaged in a folder named LASTNAME_ASSIGNMENT#. For example, the folder for my first assignment would be called "Kauchak_1". Failure to follow this convention leads to headaches for everyone and a loss of points. When you are ready to submit your assignment, you must drop this folder into the course dropbox on a CS machine at


    If you're on a CS lab machine:
         copy (using cp -r) or browse to and drop your submission folder into /common/cs/cs159/dropbox/.
            "cp -r LASTNAME_ASSIGNMENT# /common/cs/cs159/dropbox/"

          Copy your folder to using the following command
            "scp -r LASTNAME_ASSIGNMENT#"

  • What if I need to upload a newer version BEFORE the due date/time?

    Copy a new folder in, but add a revision number: LASTNAME_ASSIGNMENT#.REVISION#, for example "Kauchak_1.2".

  • What if I have problems?

    If it's early enough, talk to the professor. If you've waited until the last minute and are having issues, tar AND gzip everything up (alternatively zip everything) and e-mail it to the professor as an attachment. This should only be used as a last resort and we'll need to sit down after and sort out why it didn't work.