Text Simplification Evaluation

For each example, I have provided the original "unsimplified" sentence along with some possible simplifications. For each of the simplifications, score them from 1-5 based on three criterion:

- Grammaticality: How grammatical the simplification is.
- Meaning: How well the content is preserved. It is fine to discard content as long as it is not the main idea of the sentence. Use your best judgement here.
- Simplicity: Is the simplification easier to read and understand than the original?

In a text file, create entries for each sentences as follows

a 4 3 2
b 5 4 2
c 2 3 4

Where the first column is the grammaticality, the second the meaning and the third the simplificity. When time is done, please e-mail this file to me (as a .txt file).