Submitting your assignments:

  • Each assignment specifies a due date and submission method (most will be via a submit script outline below).

  • The code in the files you submit must compile and run without errors. No partial credit will be given for a submission that does not compile.

    Sumitting material

    We will be using a submit script like you may have used for other courses, however, this one is different, so please read through this description. It should be on your PATH, but if it's not, you can find it in:


    The submit script submits a single file. All of the assignments will describe how to generate this file, however, generally you will have to tar then gzip a directory with your work in it. The script takes two parameters, the first being the file and the second being the assignment number:

      submit457 [file] [assignment_number]

    for example, if I were to submit my assignment 0, I might type:

      submit457 assign0writup.pdf 0

    If you need to resubmit, just run the script again. This will overwrite your earlier submission (it can be a different file). Resubmitting also updates the time stamp, which I will use for determining lateness.

    Remotely submitting

    If you're not working in one of the labs, you first need to use scp to copy the files over to basin and then ssh into basin and run the submit script. If you need help with this, please come see me.

    What if I have problems?

    If it's early enough, talk to the professor. If you've waited until the last minute and are having issues, tar AND gzip everything up (alternatively zip everything) and e-mail it to the professor as an attachment. This should only be used as a last resort and we'll need to sit down after and sort out why it didn't work.