Guide to Accessing the Computer Science Department Resources Outside the Labs

The computer science computers are not on the same network as the rest of the campus. If you want to access your computer files when you are somewhere else on campus (for example in another lab or on your own computer), follow the steps below.

Windows Users

To access your CS files, open My Computer. In the address bar, type \\basin\<username> with your username filled in. Enter your username and password, and your home directory should be shown. You can then access the files as if they are on your computer.

To map your CS files as a network drive (like tigercat and classes), right click on My Computer and select Map Network Drive. Choose a drive letter, and type \\basin\username into the location field. Check the Reconnect at login box if you want it to automatically connect every time you start your computer. Click OK, and your basin folder will show up as the assigned drive letter in My Computer.

Mac Users

Go to the finder, and select Connect to Server from the Go menu. Type smb://basin in the Server Address box, and click Connect. When it asks you what shared volume to connect to, keep the default, which should be homes, and click OK. When it asks you, provide your basin username and password. The workgroup does not matter. Click OK, and a new Finder window will open containing your files.

Linux Users

If you have Konqueror, type smb://basin/<username> into the location bar, and enter your username and password when prompted. If you have Nautilus, select Connect to Server from the file menu. Select Windows Share for Service Type, and enter /<username> under share. Click Connect, and enter your username and password when prompted. The domain doesn't matter.

The method above only works if you are on campus. If you need to access your files from off-campus please come talk to me.