Ethics in Information Retrieval

On Monday 11/7 in class we will be discussing ethics in information retrieval.
Below are a list of articles discussing topics related to ethics and the web. Please
read each of the articles below before class.

In addition, if your name is associated with the article you will be leading the
discussion for that article. We will have approximately 15 min. for each article.
Please prepare a short summary of the article and a few discussion questions related to
the article. This does not need to be in written form, but be prepared :) The
articles do have multiple names per article. If you'd like to coordinate, that's
great, but if not, that's fine too.

  • The sinister side of social networking
    Dan, Charlotte, Joel

  • Privacy advocates want regulation of behavioral advertising
    Whitney, Lucy, Ryan

  • Privacy, consumer groups want new laws to protect web users
    Dandre, Greg

  • Is google evil?
    Chris, Matt, Martin

  • Google censors itself for China
    Ian, Joshua