David Kauchak

Associate Professor
Computer Science Department
Pomona College
224 Edmunds
Claremont, CA 91711
(909) 607-0473

david.kauchak pomona edu

Spring office hours:
  Tue. 11am-12
  Wed. 10am-12pm
  Thu. 2:30-4pm
  and by appointment

My current schedule

Spring 2016 courses:
  CS 52 - Fundamentals of Computer Science

Older teaching:

My main research interests lie in natural language processing (NLP), particularly applied NLP. My current research focuses on text simplification, which aims to reduce the complexity of text while maintaining the content.

Text simplification data sets

Python Sea and Space Images

Resources for the paper "A Course-long Information Retrieval Project"

We built a search engine called "Bursti" in Fall 09 in the information retrieval course (cs160). Check it out. To find out more about how it works see the white papers.

Some fun in the Fall09 intro course studying strings. Less enthused 10 min. later :)

Older projects

Winter 2005: Statistical Machine Translation Tutorial Resources

Useful software, data, etc


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