Colloquia are normally (but not always, so check the dates and locations carefully!) Thursday afternoon at 4:15 p.m. either in Edmunds 114, Seaver North Auditorium, or the Rose Hills Theater. Harvey Mudd CS Colloquia are also offered at the same time on Thursdays. Their outside speakers generally come on weeks that do not coincide with our colloquia. We strongly urge everyone to attend the HMC CS Colloquia on weeks that we do not have them.

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Colloquium schedules from previous years: 2008-2009, 2007-2008, 2006-2007

Computer Science Colloquium Schedule - Spring, 2010

Date Speaker Affiliation Title Location
1/21/2010 Pomona and HMC Faculty Pomona and HMC Summer Research Opportunities Rose Hills Theater
(attendance not required)
Swapan Nag Business intelligence visualization - A case study of Washington DC HMC - Pryne
2/4/2010 Ani Nahapetian UCLA, Cal State Dominguez Hills Wireless Health Systems and their Hardware Security Rose Hills Theater
(attendance not required)
Dominic Mazzoni Google Building applications that scale: Google's Bigtable and App Engine HMC - Pryne
2/18/2010 Petros Faloutsos UCLA SteerSuite: A framework for developing, evaluating, and debugging agent-based simulations Rose Hills Theater
(attendance not required)
Shanghua Teng USC On the complexity of Game, Market, and Network Equilibria HMC - Pryne
3/4/2010 Brian McFee UCSD Learning musical similarity from heterogeneous sources Rose Hills Theater
(attendance not required)
Steve DiVerdi Adobe Industrial strength natural media painting simulation HMC - Pryne
3/25/2010 Andy Begel Microsoft Research Codebook: social networking over code Rose Hills Theater
(attendance not required)
Anna Karlin Univ. of Washington Optimizing in a strategic world: An introduction to algorithmic game theory HMC - Pryne
4/8/2010 Kiri Wagstaff NASA JPL Talkative sensors: collaborative machine learning for volcano sensor networks Rose Hills Theater
(attendance not required)
Dave Patterson UC Berkeley *** Cancelled *** HMC - Pryne
(Thursday 4:15 - 6:00pm)
Jacob, Guillermo, Dan, Chris CMC, Pomona Senior project presentations Edmunds 101
(Friday 3:30 - 5:30pm)
Lucy, Matt, Miles, Didem, Ian Pomona, CMC Senior project presentations Edmunds 101
(Friday, 3 - 4pm)
John Fuetsch '05, Mekka Okereke '00, Cole Rottweiler '05 Dreamworks, Semaphore Mobile, Zillow Alumni panel: Careers in computer science Edmunds 114

Computer Science Colloquium Schedule - Fall, 2009

Date Speaker Affiliation Title Location
CS faculty Pomona College Welcome Edmunds 114
9/10/2009 CS Students Pomona College Summer research talks Edmunds 114
9/17/2009 CS Students Pomona College Summer research talks Edmunds 114
9/24/2009 CS faculty Pomona College CS graduate school Edmunds 114
10/15/2009 Andrew Gordon USC ICT Using millions of weblog stories as a knowledge base Rose Hill Theater
(attendance not required)
David Feil-Seifer USC Robots for autistic children HMC - Pryne
11/12/2009 Dave Kauchak Pomona College Modeling Text Burstiness Rose Hill Theater
(note special day/time!)
Paul Rothemund Caltech Beyond Watson and Crick: Recent advances in the use of DNA as a building material Rose Hill Theater
(attendance not required)
Don Costello University of Nebraska Cryptography: From Enigma to elliptical curve cryptography HMC - Pryne
12/3/2009 Randy Wang Digital StudyHall: Experience of Technology Development for Improving Rural Education in India HMC Pryne
(note special location!)