Colloquia are normally (but not always, so check the dates and locations carefully!) Thursday afternoon at 4:15 p.m. either in Edmunds 114, Seaver North Auditorium, or the Rose Hills Theater. Harvey Mudd CS Colloquia are also offered at the same time on Thursdays. Their outside speakers generally come on weeks that do not coincide with our colloquia. We strongly urge everyone to attend the HMC CS Colloquia on weeks that we do not have them.

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Colloquium schedules from previous years: 2007-2008, 2006-2007

Computer Science Colloquium Schedule - Spring, 2009

Date Speaker Affiliation Title Location
1/29/2009 Steve Freund Williams College The Veolodrome Dynamic Atomicity Checker for Multithreaded Programs Rose Hills Theater
(attendance not required)
CS faculty Summer research opportunities HMC - Galileo
2/12/2009 Moshi Y. Vardi Rice University And Logic Begat Computer Science: When Giants Roamed the Earth Rose Hills Theater
2/26/2009 Cecilia Aragon Lawrence Berkeley National Labs Lightweight Intelligent User Interfaces for Collaborative Science Discovery Rose Hills Theater
(attendance not required)
Barbara Simons Voting machines and Audits: What have we learned? HMC - Galileo Pryne
3/12/2009 Josh Stough Claremont McKenna College Appearance models for medical image segmentation Rose Hills Theater
4/2/2009 Kim Bruce Pomona College Challenging typing issues in object-oriented languages Rose Hills Theater
(attendance not required)
Shane Markstrum UCLA Enabling and enforcing user-defined programming disciplines HMC - Galileo Pryne
John Sloat, Erik Kuefler, Nico Rattazzi Pomona and Claremont McKenna Senior project presentations Edmunds 101
(Friday, 2:45-4:15)
Ragib Morshed, Andrew Robb, Kurt Ude Pomona and Claremont McKenna Senior project presentations Edmunds 114
(Friday, 3-4)
Gavin Hurley '99
Steven Hurtado '08
David Jensen '99
Google, Pomona ITS, Spoke Software Alumni panel: Careers in computer science Edmunds 114

Computer Science Colloquium Schedule - Fall, 2008

Date Speaker Affiliation Title Location
9/4/2008 CS faculty Pomona College Welcome Edmunds 114
9/11/2008 CS Students Pomona College Summer research talks Edmunds 114
9/18/2008 CS faculty Pomona College CS graduate school Edmunds 114
Andrea Danyluk Williams College Identification of Individual Spotted Salamanders Edmunds 114
(attendance not required)
Buzz Aldrin HMC - TBD
10/16/2008 Tom Dietterich Oregon State University Machine Learning in Ecosystem Informatics and Sustainability Seaver North Auditorium
(attendance not required)
Martin Farach-Colton Rutgers University HMC Galileo-Pryne
10/30/2008 Jens Palsberg UCLA Register Allocation by Puzzle Solving Seaver North Auditorium
(attendance not required)
Stephen Chong Cornell/Harvard HMC Galileo-Pryne
11/13/2008 David A. Shamma Yahoo! Research Spinning Online: A Case Study of Internet Broadcasting by DJs Rose Hills Theater
(attendance not required)
Ran Libeskind-Hadas Harvey Mudd HMC Galileo-Pryne