Computer Science Colloquium - Spring, 2007

Date Speaker Affiliation Title Location
2/1/2007 Craig Martell The Naval Postgraduate School The Kinetics of Gesture (or A Little Reductionism Can be Good for Your Soul) Edmunds 114
2/6/2007* Wheeler Ruml PARC Heuristic Search and Rational Agents Edmunds 114
2/13/2007* Sara Owsley Northwestern University Compelling Computation: Strategies for Mining the Interesting Edmunds 101
3/22/2007 Mark Kampe Pomona College The Demise of Transparent Distributed Operating Systems Edmunds 101
4/5/2007 Hilary Hutchinson Google User Experience Research at Google ... and how did I get there? Edmunds 101
4/19/2007 Timothy Brown, Jeff Jablonski, Jefferson Cowart Pomona College Senior Thesis Presentations Edmunds 101
4/20/2007** 3-4:30PM Sioban Shier, Frank Salim, Michael Carter Scripps College and Pomona College Senior Thesis Presentations Edmunds 101
Pomona CS alumni Special Alumni Panel: Careers in Computer Science Edmunds 101

Colloquia are normally Thursday afternoon at 4:15 p.m.

* - Note special day of the week -- Tuesday!

** - Note special day of the week -- Friday!

Harvey Mudd CS Colloquia are also offered at the same time on Thursdays. Their outside speakers generally come on weeks that do not coincide with our colloquia. We strongly urge everyone to attend the HMC CS Colloquia on weeks that we do not have them.

Computer Science Colloquium - Fall, 2006

Date Speaker Affiliation Title Location
8/31/2006 CS Faculty Pomona College Welcome back! 134 Millikan
9/14/2006 CS Students Pomona College How I spent my summer vacation 134 Millikan
9/29/2006* Thomas G. Dietterich Oregon State University Computer Vision for Environmental Monitoring and Ecological Science 134 Millikan
10/12/2006 CS Faculty Pomona College Grad School in CS 134 Millikan
10/26/2006 Kim Bruce Pomona College A critical look at Java 5: Strengths, weaknesses, and compromises Rose Hills Theater
11/9/2006 Kathleen Fisher AT & T PADS: Processing Arbitrary Data Sources Rose Hills Theater
11/30/2006 Yu-Han Chang USC ISI From games to gambling: Multiagent learning with no regrets Rose Hills Theater