CSCI 151: Artificial Intelligence

This is the main website for CSCI 151: Artificial Intelligence.


The syllabus for the course has detailed information about topics, readings, the course schedule, and grading.

For questions about the material, please use Piazza.

An example discussion response is available that provides guidelines for your discussion responses. Be sure to read the notes section at the bottom which describes how to submit your responses.


This course is taught by Peter Mawhorter. His website lists contact information and office hours.

The teaching assistants are Owen Chapman and Daniel Zhu. Mentoring hours will be held in Edmunds 227 at the following times:

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
19:00–20:00 19:00–20:00 19:00–20:00 21:10-22:10

Lecture notes


Final Project

More information about the final project will appear eventually.